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Hello! My name is Eduar Bastidas. I am a full-stack PHP developer.

Computers caught my attention from a very early age, my parents forbade me to spend too much time in front of the PC, until I decided to take my university career related to computers, systems and programming. I'm a Systems Engineer, and I've been working in web development since I was in university. Since then it's been more than 8 years ago of which 7 years ago I have dedicated to specialize in technologies like Laravel and Vue.js, building APIs for all kinds of businesses and applications.

My focus as a developer is web development, which I have been involved in since the beginning of 2017. My first projects were built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Currently this is still the same, however I have also learned other technologies and frameworks such as Vue.js Livewire, Alphine.js, Tailwind CSS, and where I have more experience is Laravel. I also know other technologies such as Prestashop and a little Wordpress, I have developed simple applications with Electron and Node.js for personal and business projects.

Currently I work at ManyRequests, a SaaS that helps agency owners succeed by creating easy-to-use software to manage and grow their business..

When I'm not coding, you'll catch me playing video games with co-workers or friends. On weekends I like to relax as much as I can to start the work week with enough energy, every month I like to travel with friends on quick day trips.