Customize Reset Password Mail in Laravel

Eduar Bastidas • February 28, 2024


Recently at my job, we encountered a feature that queues the reset password email, and I decided to create this post to demonstrate how easy it is to implement this and, at the same time, customize the content of the notification itself.

Laravel comes with a built-in forgot password feature for the User model, which you can find in the authorizable alias that extends to the User model. The User model has a method to send the notification to reset the password: sendPasswordResetNotification($token). We can override this method to handle our custom messages.

Creating Our Own Notification

First, we’ll create our own notification that extends from Laravel’s default ResetPassword notification.

As the customization I want to do is to queue the Reset Password notification then we need to make our custom notification queue-able.

1php artisan make:notification Auth/QueuedResetPassword

This command creates the class \App\Notifications\Auth\QueuedResetPassword.

Next we make this class extend the Illuminate\Auth\Notifications\ResetPassword class and implement the Illuminate\Contracts\Queue\ShouldQueue contract.

Finally we add the Illuminate\Bus\Queueable trait to the body of the class.

That is all we need to do to make a new QueuedResetPassword notification that is queue-able.

Below is the our final QueuedResetPassword notification class:

1namespace App\Notifications\Auth;
3use Illuminate\Contracts\Queue\ShouldQueue;
4use Illuminate\Bus\Queueable;
5use Illuminate\Auth\Notifications\ResetPassword;
7class QueuedResetPassword extends ResetPassword implements ShouldQueue
9 use Queueable;

Next, we override the sendPasswordResetNotification method in the User model:

1use App\Notifications\Auth\QueuedResetPassword;
3class User
5 // ...
6 public function sendPasswordResetNotification($token) {
7 $this->notify(new QueuedResetPassword($token));
8 }

Make sure to import our custom notification.

Customizing the Notification Content

Now that we have our custom notification, we can customize the content of the email. We can do this by overriding the toMail method in the QueuedResetPassword class.

1namespace App\Notifications\Auth;
5class QueuedResetPassword extends ResetPassword implements ShouldQueue
7 // ...
9 public function toMail($notifiable) {
10 return (new MailMessage)
11 ->subject('Reset Password')
12 ->line('You are receiving this email because we received a password reset request for your account.')
13 ->action('Reset Password', url(config('app.url').route('password.reset', $this->token, false)))
14 ->line('If you did not request a password reset, no further action is required.');
15 }

This approach allows us to easily queue and customize the reset password email, making the process more adaptable to our specific needs.

I hope this helps you understand how to enqueue and customize the reset password email notification in Laravel!